Tuesday, November 13, 2007

An XO for the Holidays

Today my family and I donated and bought an XO Laptop. I can envision this being a world changing project so, yes I am glad to play a small roll in helping out, yes I am glad to help a total stranger in a strange land have one, yes I will deduct it on my taxes. Also, I am a geek at heart so, yes I'll keep checking my email for the UPS tracking number, yes I will be monitoring is progress on route to me, yes I will be taking pictures of the box being opening for the first time, yes I will stroke its smooth green exterior and its rubbery keyboard, and of course I am going to write some activities (XO for software applications) for it.
As a parent, I am looking forward to watching how my kids interact with it and how we can us it has a fun and enlightening education tool.

If you would like get one and give one go to the OLPT Give One Get One Site.

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