Saturday, November 03, 2007

No more bitter brew

While watching the DARPA Grand Urban Challenge I solved a major problem in my life; bitter tea. A good cup of Earl Grey gets pretty bitter after steeping for more then 3 minutes. Quite often I get focused on my work and forget about the tea. Yes, a timer would work, but if I am focusing, it is normally for a reason and I do not want to break my concentration. The answer is to automate the steeping process. Here is my working prototype made from some spare robot parts and a USB servo controller from Parallax.
From DARPA Urban G...


Anonymous said...

Paul, I was just looking at your website and noticed this picture!! Uncle Dave has tea every night! This would be great for him!!!

Aunt Sandra

Paul S. Waters said...

Aunt Sandra,

Based on the feedback I have gotten on this I should start a factory in my garage. The one I made is a prototype, but I have some ideas on how to make it cost effective and appealing to those that do not want the erector set look in there kitchen or office.

When I made a few of those I'll be sure to send one up your way.