Tuesday, November 13, 2007

An XO for the Holidays

Today my family and I donated and bought an XO Laptop. I can envision this being a world changing project so, yes I am glad to play a small roll in helping out, yes I am glad to help a total stranger in a strange land have one, yes I will deduct it on my taxes. Also, I am a geek at heart so, yes I'll keep checking my email for the UPS tracking number, yes I will be monitoring is progress on route to me, yes I will be taking pictures of the box being opening for the first time, yes I will stroke its smooth green exterior and its rubbery keyboard, and of course I am going to write some activities (XO for software applications) for it.
As a parent, I am looking forward to watching how my kids interact with it and how we can us it has a fun and enlightening education tool.

If you would like get one and give one go to the OLPT Give One Get One Site.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

No more bitter brew

While watching the DARPA Grand Urban Challenge I solved a major problem in my life; bitter tea. A good cup of Earl Grey gets pretty bitter after steeping for more then 3 minutes. Quite often I get focused on my work and forget about the tea. Yes, a timer would work, but if I am focusing, it is normally for a reason and I do not want to break my concentration. The answer is to automate the steeping process. Here is my working prototype made from some spare robot parts and a USB servo controller from Parallax.
From DARPA Urban G...