Sunday, February 04, 2007

Atlanta Code Camp 2007

If it is never to late to give compliments then this post is not 2 weeks over due.

Even though I did not have the tofu on a stick, the Atlanta Code Camp was awesome. It was very well organized, great turn out, great topics, great presenters, abundant SWAG; I won 2 things myself, and I think Al G did even better.
As some one who help put together the South Carolina Code Camp 2.0 and will most likely take part in getting together 4.0, I learned a lot from the way the Atlanta group did things and they raised the bar for putting together a code camp.

In case you were wondering where SC Code Camp 3.0 went, it will be this September in Charleston, SC. No Business Intelligence talk for me there. My presentation will be on the Microsoft Robotics Studio.

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