Friday, November 25, 2005

AirSet - A Personal, Family, and Group Events Aggregator and Much More. - Maybe

The Personal Productivity Show #13 featured Brian Dougherty, CEO of AIREANA. There flagship WEB 2.0 product is AirSet. Currently, I am evaluating this to help increase the harmony in my relationship with my wife. It is great when after over 7 years of marriage one of your biggest challenges is knowing when to schedule a doctors appointment or what night I have a meeting to attend, and who's birthday or special event is coming up.

Since I have my own Exchange server at home, sharing Outlook calendars seemed like a solution. However, this solution turned out to be to clunky and only worked with calendars on our local Exchange server.

My wife and I are now evaluating AirSet to help with our scheduling and contact management.

I will keep you posted when I learn more about how this works for us.


Unknown said...


I wanted to hear your experiences wiht Airset and if you found the tool useful?



Paul S. Waters said...


At the time it was not able synchronize multiple Exchange profiles the way I needed it to. I posted to their forums and they said they might have the feature in the future. This made it cumbersome for me. But my problem was fairly unique so that might not impact you. Even though I still have an account and get daily reminders I have not used it in a while and have not kept up with the new features.

Now that you have made this inquiry, maybe I'll try it out again.