Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Will the real author please come forward

This morning I receive this email from Russ Jester.

Subject: Interesting authors

It seems that Iqbal M. Khan and Ann Morris think alike.

I immediately began to compare the articles for similarities and did not have to work hard at finding them.

One of them plagiarized in a serious copy-and-paste way. I have my guesses on which one. But come on here, let this be an example to all the wanna-be article hacks out there. If you are going to plagiarize be a little more clever. Here is a tip: Take your ideas and code from more than one source and, at least, recombined them in a new or interesting way. This way there is a change there might be some added value to the community at large.

Anyone out there with the time and will to find the real "Domain Objects Persistence Pattern for .NET" author please post what you find in the comments section for this post.

Have a good day I am off to find some articles to recombine. If I post it, I will site the original authors of each.


Al Gonzalez said...

I'm confused - both links show that author as being Iqbal M. Khan.

Paul S. Waters said...

You have a point. When I first posted this artical it was from 2 different people with 2 different bios.

So I guess the real author has come forward.