Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Attention.xml is a new XML standard created to help solve the problems of wasting time clicking blog posts that lead to the same location and helping RSS aggregators understand what the reader wants to read and in what order.

I can also imagine uses for this in the Business Intelligence (BI) space. With Giga and Tara bytes of corporate data to aggregate, summarize, query, report on and distribute, it sure would be nice to know what people and systems are actually using a specific data set.

The problem grows even larger when the corporation allows ad-hoc reporting and reports start to grow in number until the saved reports have no value because people cannot know the difference between a one-off report giving data for a specific week of business or a detailed product line report that can help them make a valuable decision.

Maybe this specification can help in some way or at least be a starting point for one that will.

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